Business Plans and Growth Strategies

We can provide detailed roadmaps to bring your business to the next level. It’s a comprehensive process that starts with taking stock of your business today and then making recommendations on distribution growth, high priority distributors and retailers, velocity growth, pricing and programs, brand building activities, new products, and margin improvement.

US Market Entry Strategies

We work with international, national and local companies seeking to enter and expand in the US market with assistance in sizing the market, understanding competition and category dynamics, pricing, trade and consumer marketing investments and recommend distributors and retailers. We personalize your business plans and the launching of those plans tailored to your needs. We have accomplished education programs and market readiness to work with our individual client principals.

Training and Seminars

We can provide training for understanding the US natural, organic and specialty products market, budgeting and planning, pricing and margins, optimizing promotional programs, trade spending management, negotiation, communication skills, effective sales calls, and all other topics covered for success in the natural products industry. We also produce popular sales and marketing seminars for companies bringing natural and specialty products to market as well as those raising capital.