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Karin Kaichen, President

Mission Statement

We provide assistance in strategic planning, budgeting and pricing, trade programs, sales and marketing plans, building distribution, organizational development, category management, key account programs and much more. While we work mainly with the natural and organic products industry, we have extensive experience across most channels and classes of trade. Most importantly, we are a boutique company who provides our clients with close and professional services only a boutique company can provide. We all have been frustrated today with the new operational standards of too many brokers providing us less than stellar services and we ask; why can't we receive the correct services we pay for?  Just why can't things be done right today? As a boutique company with the owner directly involved in providing the necessary services for you, you will get what you expect and deserve.

                              Company History

Founded in October 1993, we are a consultant organization in the natural products industry specializing in the personal care category.  We work with natural products retailers, mass market, distributors and e-commerce.  We provide new companies with marketing strategies and sales.  Kaichen Company is successful in marketing and growing those companies who wish to enter the natural marketplace.

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